25 Oct 13 at 2 am

Im back tumblr.fml.

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Im back tumblr.fml.
19 Sep 13 at 6 pm

New hair cut/color. I miss my mohawk. Im looking like a lesbian…lol.i really needa update my tumblr ughh

New hair cut/color. I miss my mohawk. Im looking like a lesbian…lol.i really needa update my tumblr ughh
06 Jul 13 at 4 pm


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now if one certain “ex” i used to date could stay out of my life,

that would be NICE.


im not one to spread negative vibes, but i cannot stand this cunt.

on this anymore,

guess i have a life :P lol

been loosing weight, trying to look fabulous.

have a mohawk now.

taken a break from psychedelic drugs,

went on a spiritual journey with it for a long while….

one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

with that being said, it made me realize so many things about myself that i was too blind to realize before. and that helped me grow as a person, opened my mind up so many things. i realized my true sexuality, i guess if my sexuality were to be categorized…id fall under being pansexual.

"i tend to fall in love with hearts, not parts"

its been my true sexuality all this time my whole life, i just never realized it.

it helped me let go of ALOT in my past and things as life goes on.

made me realize what friends were true to me and ones who werent.

helped me put my depression at ease a bit.

i will never look at life the same, and i wouldnt have it any other way

ive dated extremely stupid, pointless, rotten eggs along the way; but i swear theres something different about this one im with currently..

and yes im not single anymore, i know i was for almost 2 years but he just…stole my heart <3 haha havent been this happy in a very long time, havent had something this genuine since amber years ago..its just ugh <3 cant let this one go..

almost done with school, ill be graduating next month :]

things are finally falling in place for me, i couldnt be more greatful.

although a dear friend passed away on a OD on 4/20/13….

church i miss you so much already :/

and the fact that my STUPID ex lives at my mums still;

ive tried for so long to be civil with that bitch,

and my patience has ran out.

i cant wait til i move back to my mothers so that shes a little bit out of my life even more.

everytime im around her, her negative energy towards me is so strong it makes the atmosphere of this place uncomfortable.

i just wished shed be honest with me for once,

of why she holds so much resentment towards me.

i really dont fucking get it…

its like she doesnt want me happy.

i know as much as i desire to spread my negativity towards her,

i cant do it. i try to spread the positivity regardless…

but with this animal its impossible.

fuck exes, and their contrdictions.

OHHHH! and i cut back on raving suprisingly :]!!

and soon i shall go back to dying my hair again :3

dunno what else i forgot to mention, ohwell. 

i actually remember my log in information…hahah.

so much has happened since then fucking aye..

24 Sep 12 at 2 am

talking to you would
make my night even better :/

24 Sep 12 at 2 am

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i feel like a fucking virgin again..
fml lol